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Dedicated to books and literature, offering book reviews, recommendations, and discussion on all things reading.


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ከመጽሐፍት ዓለም! ከመጽሐፍት ዓለም! 47,737
ሀሁ መጻሕፍት /Hahu books ሀሁ መጻሕፍት /Hahu books 22,149
📖ቤተ-መፅሃፍት📚 📖ቤተ-መፅሃፍት📚 15,507
Ethiopian Bookstore Ethiopian Bookstore 6,854
አንባቢው ትውልድ📚📕📗📚 አንባቢው ትውልድ📚📕📗📚 3,807
Books መጻሕፍት Books መጻሕፍት 2,220
ከመጻሕፍት ገጾች ከመጻሕፍት ገጾች 533