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🧊 @community_bot is a Telegram-native toolset for communities.

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**BREAKING: M2 Welcome Bonus is Back! …

BREAKING: M2 Welcome Bonus is Back! BREAKING: M2 Welcome Bonus is Back!*⚡️
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***🔒*** **Blockchain Technology Enables Reusable KYC …

🔒 Blockchain Technology Enables Reusable KYC Solutions, Easing the Burden for Users and Businesses

💼 As the importance of KYC compliance grows, so does the market for KYC software, projected to reach $2.93 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 20.8%.

📈 The surge in identity-related frauds and the rise of deep fakes and AI scams are driving the need for robust KYC measures.

However, traditional KYC processes are repetitive and time-consuming, leading to a significant drop-off rate of up to 40%.
💰 Implementing KYC is no small expense either, accounting for a hefty 40% of AML compliance costs for banks.

🔄 Enter reusable KYC, a game-changer that leverages past verifications across platforms, saving time and reducing costs.

🌐 Trinsic's innovative "identity acceptance network" is revolutionizing the space, enabling businesses to verify millions of users faster while combating fraud.

🤝 Partnerships with industry leaders like CLEAR further enhance the network's effectiveness, streamlining the verification process for users.

✈️ Imagine using your CLEAR verification at airports and seamlessly reusing it across other platforms within the network – that's the power of reusable KYC.

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***🔒*** [**@mmsecrets**](https://t.me/mmsecrets) - Found this Telegram …

🔒 @mmsecrets - Found this Telegram channel run by actual market makers.

In the channel, anonymous market makers share insights, chart analysis, project overviews, hidden gems, and real-time signals.

They also promise to provide a scoop on upcoming ICOs and tokens.

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***📣*** **Coinbase's Legal Crusader Takes on …

📣 Coinbase's Legal Crusader Takes on SEC's 'Gaslighting' Tactics, Rallies Crypto Giants

💼 Coinbase's Chief Legal Officer, Paul Grewal, isn't holding back in his scathing critique of the SEC. He's not just defending his own company; he's calling on Binance, Ripple, Uniswap, and others to join him in questioning the regulator's tactics.

➡️ The SEC's Wells Notice is supposed to be a fair heads-up, but Grewal argues that Coinbase didn't get the full story. This departure from the norm raises eyebrows and casts doubt on the SEC's claims.

🚀 Grewal isn't alone in his fight. Other exchanges like Kraken and Robinhood have also received Wells notices, and he wants them to see through what he calls the SEC's "gaslighting" game.

🔍 Lack of clarity and arbitrary actions are among Grewal's concerns. He believes the SEC needs to up its game when it comes to explaining its charges against these crypto giants.

➡️ It's not just Coinbase's legal team taking aim at the SEC. Judge Robert Shelby has called out the regulator for a "gross abuse" of power in another case, adding fuel to the debate over regulatory overreach.

Jake Chervinsk, Chief Legal Officer at Variant Fund, sees a pattern: the SEC using Wells notices as a "scare tactic." The industry is starting to question whether this is regulation or intimidation.

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***🍽*** **Trump's NFT Feast at Mar-a-Lago: …

🍽 Trump's NFT Feast at Mar-a-Lago: A Digital Delight Amidst Stormy Trials

➡️ Former President Donald Trump is breaking free from the courtroom drama, hosting a lavish dinner at his opulent Mar-a-Lago estate. But this soirée isn't just any gathering; it's an exclusive affair for buyers of his sought-after Trump "Mugshot Edition" NFTs.

💰 With a minimum purchase of 47 NFTs, valued at $99 each, lucky supporters will rub shoulders with the former commander-in-chief turned crypto entrepreneur. Trump's NFT empire has reportedly raked in over $1 million in 2022 alone.

🖼 The "Mugshot Edition" was launched last December, capitalizing on Trump's legal tango surrounding Georgia's election results. And if you're a big spender with over 100 NFTs, there might be some "exclusive treasures" awaiting you at the gala dinner.

🔗 Not content with just digital fame, Trump's NFTs have now found their place on the Bitcoin Blockchain, forever etched into crypto history. It seems the allure of owning a piece of presidential memorabilia has reached new heights.

📌 While Stormy Daniels' testimony unfolds in court, Trump remains undeterred, doubling down on his pro-crypto stance. He vows to protect the crypto realm from a potential Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) if he reclaims the White House.

📊 As the race for the presidency heats up, it turns out that 20% of voters consider crypto policies a pivotal factor. With both Trump and President Biden neck and neck in the polls, every digital move counts in this high-stakes game.
🌐 It's not just Donald making waves in the NFT sea; Melania Trump is riding the digital wave too, offering themed necklaces with matching NFTs. The Trump family's foray into the metaverse knows no bounds.
*➡️ *Amidst the media frenzy surrounding Trump's legal battles, the "Mugshot Edition" dinner offers a respite, a chance to indulge in the world of digital collectibles. But as Stormy Daniels continues her cross-examination, the courtroom drama is far from over.

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[**#BDROP**](?q=%23BDROP) **Recommendation: Long ***💪***

#BDROP Recommendation: Long 💪
My entery price: $0.47
TakeProfit: $1.1 - $1.5 (+120%)
Trending score:

After yesterday's listing, the price has grown by 130%. Right now, #BDROP price is in flat movement and has already removed the lower liquidity at $0.46. Usually, after the accumulation phase, which we are seeing right now, tokens start a rapid growth with a repetition of % growth. Investing in #BDROP allows me to mitigate risk while also potentially benefiting from the growth of #BTC's price

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🧊 @community_bot is a Telegram-native toolset for communities.

📝 Overview & beta access: t.me/community_bot/beta

💬 Chat: @communitieschat

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