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🧊 @community_bot is a Telegram-native toolset for communities.

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This channel gives the best growth to NFT & Crypto projects. Turn on notifications to be the first to see the announcement🚀

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**AirDAO has launched an upgrade for …

AirDAO has launched an upgrade for its Bond Marketplace, boosting its ecosystem with a bond market for AMB and other AirDAO Ecosystem tokens.

Through the Bond Marketplace, users can obtain AMB with up to a 49% discount and vesting periods ranging from three days to three months. Bonds can be bought with AMB, USDT, & USDC with no minimum order amount, ensuring accessibility to all.

Users can make fractional purchases of bonds. For example, a user can buy $5 worth of a $1000 AMB bond. New Bonds are listed every Monday and Thursday and will only be available for 24 hours after listing!

AirDAO will reward the ten most active users weekly with a SWORD token airdrop after its Token Generation Event (TGE). After six weeks AirDAO will reward the five overall most active bond marketplace users; the top user will receive a greater share of the SWORD prize pool!

Here’s an example of how the Bond Marketplace works: Buy 10,000 Bonded AMB, offered below market price with a 5% discount and a three-day expiry. After three days, you’ll get 10,500 AMB!

Try AirDAO Bond Marketplace
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1 month, 1 week ago
***✅*** **El Salvador's Bitcoin Revolution: Bukele's …

El Salvador's Bitcoin Revolution: Bukele's Bold Bet Pays Off!

💰 El Salvador's President Bukele is proudly defending his Bitcoin strategy as the nation's holdings soar to a record-breaking 53% profit, clocking in at an impressive $164.7 million when Bitcoin reached its all-time high of $69,200 on March 4.

📈 Despite media skepticism, Bukele's decision to buy 1 Bitcoin daily since the start of 2022 has paid off handsomely, with El Salvador now boasting a hefty stash of 2,380 BTC, valued at a cool $159.2 million.

📣 This visionary leader, who secured a landslide victory in the recent elections, isn't just focused on profits. He's also transforming El Salvador into one of the safest countries worldwide, with crime rates plummeting by a remarkable 70% in 2023.

🟥 But Bukele isn't content with just hoarding digital gold. He dreams big and aims to build the world's first-ever Bitcoin city, aptly named "Ciudad Bitcoin." This ambitious project will be powered by cryptocurrency, promising a tech-savvy and sustainable future.

👀 The global crypto community is watching closely as El Salvador pioneers this bold experiment in integrating digital currency into everyday life. Updates on Ciudad Bitcoin's development and its impact on education are eagerly awaited.

🎓 Speaking of education, El Salvador is not just embracing Bitcoin; it's also leading the way in teaching the next generation about blockchain technology. Students are already learning how to run nodes on the blockchain, thanks to forward-thinking initiatives like Node Nation.

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3 months, 1 week ago
**Australia’s Security Regulator Faces Scrutiny Over …

Australia’s Security Regulator Faces Scrutiny Over Failure to Warn Citizens of the HyperVerse Crypto Scheme

➡️ Australia’s Assistant Treasurer Stephen Jones has expressed the intention to look into reasons why the country’s securities regulator failed to warn citizens of the potential danger posed by the HyperVerse crypto scheme. A recent Guardian report says Jones would question the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) why it didn’t release a warning for consumers like other global regulators.
🟢 The scheme which led to massive global losses somehow escaped the attention of Australian regulators despite foreign authorities calling it a scam and flagging its operations as a suspected pyramid scheme, the report noted. New Zealand, Hungary, Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom have previously issued warnings on the HyperVerse scheme as far back as 2021 but the local regulators failed to warn users.

🔴 Jones stated that the scheme sold worthless investment products to the public and a lot of people got caught up on it increasing user losses.*💬 “This type of scheme works by convincing innocent people to invest their money into a product that might not exist, with the only source of income being money from new investors.”*

⚠️ He added that he doesn’t know why warnings were not issued but in the ordinary course of things, these sorts of operations are meant to be flagged.

3 months, 1 week ago
**EBA to Extend Stress Testing to …

EBA to Extend Stress Testing to Assess Impact of Strains in Non-Bank Financial Institutions ⚠️

*➡️ *The European Banking Authority (EBA) is set to implement additional measures to evaluate the potential impact of strains in non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs), including those in the cryptocurrency sector, on traditional banks. This initiative is driven by concerns over contagion and aims to enhance the understanding of interconnections between banks and other financial entities.
*⚡️ *As a pivotal entity ensuring the orderly functioning and integrity of financial markets in the European Union (EU), the EBA conducts biennial stress tests on European lenders. These tests assess the balance sheet exposures of banks to non-banks and contribute to the overall evaluation of systemic risk in the EU financial system. The EU-wide stress tests are conducted in collaboration with the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) and the Financial Stability Board.

*➡️ *The move to include assessments of non-bank financial institutions, including those in the cryptocurrency space, is a response to the evolving financial landscape and the need to comprehensively understand potential risks and linkages within the broader financial system. The EBA’s stress tests serve as a supervisory tool, providing insights into the resilience of financial institutions to adverse market developments and informing supervisory decisions.

*🟢 *In 2023, the EBA conducted stress tests involving 70 banks from 16 EU and European Economic Area (EEA) countries, representing a significant portion of EU banks’ total assets. The transparency and detailed results of these stress tests contribute to the Pillar 2 assessment of banks and aid in the overall risk assessment of the EU financial system.

3 months, 2 weeks ago
**SEC Looks to Enhance Control by …

SEC Looks to Enhance Control by Trimming Intermediaries in Spot Bitcoin ETFs 🌟

🔴 Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas has shared insights on the latest requirements imposed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to regulate the involvement of third parties in Spot Bitcoin ETFs through a “cash-create” redemption model.

➡️ The SEC has set a deadline of December 29, 2023, for spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) applicants to submit the final S-1 amendment.

⚠️ Other deadline requirements include issuers entering into agreements with Authorized Participants (APs) and specifying the cash-create or in-kind redemption models that will be employed.

➡️ In a thread post on X, Balchunas highlighted the significance of the S-1 Amendment deadline for ETFs and the challenges tied to identifying APs for approval.

*➡️ *He pointed out that the SEC not only demands APs to be named in the documents but also to serve as underwriters, guaranteeing the issuance of new ETF shares to the market.

📣 This additional requirement raises concerns among potential APs, given the novelty of the asset class and potential legal risks.

3 months, 2 weeks ago
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**Perpetuals Trading Protocol Levana Suffers Oracle …

Perpetuals Trading Protocol Levana Suffers Oracle Attack, Loses $1.14 Million

📌 Perpetuals trading protocol Levana has fallen victim to an oracle attack, resulting in a loss of $1.14 million. According to a report from the Levana team, the exploitation happened between December 13th and December 26th, with the assailants siphoning off 10% of Levana’s liquidity pools.
🔔 The perpetrators exploited a congestion attack on the Osmosis chain, disrupting the capability of Levana users to engage with the markets.
➡️ This was further exacerbated by a flaw in Osmosis’ fee market code and the presence of “price staleness” in Levana’s integration with the Pyth oracle. These vulnerabilities enabled the attackers to manipulate prices and deplete the pools.

*💬 “A bug in the Osmosis fee market code meant that during times of congestion, the provided gas price was generally insufficient for making trades or performing ongoing bot maintenance activities,”* Levana wrote.

🟠 The team noted that there was no known vulnerability in the Pyth oracle despite the attack.

*💬 “Though the Pyth oracle is a key part of the attack, there is no known vulnerability in the Pyth oracle,” the team wrote. “It behaved exactly as expected.”*

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**Georgia National Bank Partners with Ripple …

Georgia National Bank Partners with Ripple to Host New Digital Lari CBDC Pilot

⚡️ The National Bank of Georgia (NBG) has partnered with Ripple as the official technology provider for its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) pushing for a pilot in the near term. In a Nov 2 press release, blockchain payment firm Ripple announced that it has been selected to power the Digital Lari following a competitive process.
➡️ The bank explained that the firm was selected because of its technical expertise around the sector with previous pilot deployments, and primary CBDC infrastructure and can lead to a successful development.
*💬 “… deep understanding of the project’s purposes and use cases, as well as full commitment to the project’s success, sustainable business continuity, clear project development roadmap, and gradual deployment approach to use-cases.”
Per the announcement, Ripple and the Bank of Georgia will plan for the execution and delivery leveraging on the former’s CBDC platform to offer use cases for public, private, wholesale, and retail customers.*

*📣 *The move is expected to drive innovation in the country with financial institutions onboard in future pilots to take the economy to a new era and improve local and cross-border monetary settlements.

*📣 *The NBG previously chose nine firms for their technical expertise and support for CBDCs as the country aims to toe the line of other nations.

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🧊 @community_bot is a Telegram-native toolset for communities.

📝 Overview & beta access:

💬 Chat: @communitieschat

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This channel gives the best growth to NFT & Crypto projects. Turn on notifications to be the first to see the announcement🚀

Owner: @Legend

Official Partners @monsterra_official, @bcgameofficial, @BitMartExchange @DogeMob

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