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NYSC Official Mobile App is available for download Here.

The Mobile App offers you variety of features about NYSC at your finger tip.
Login with your Username and Password.

You can access the following via the App.
1. Your Profile as a Prospective Corps Members/Serving Corps Members such as Name, Email, Call-up Number, State Code, Place of Primary Assignment, and State of Deployment.
2. News and Events about the NYSC Scheme.
3. NYSC Official Website.
4. NYSC Social Media Platforms.
5. NYSC Official Email.
6. NYSC States Secretariat Location Nationwide.
7. NYSC Orientation Camp Addresses.
8. NYSC National Directorate Headquarters Address.
9. NYSC Support Lines/Distress Call Lines.
10. Local Government Inspector's phone number.

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Here we are, the end of the ABC of CDS N. CONCLUSION: The Community Development Service is a programme undertaken by all corps members throughout the service year. As one of the four (4) cardinal programmes of the scheme, CDS enables corps members to register…

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The Director General National Youth Service Corps Major General Shu'aibu Ibrahim has disclosed that he will leave NYSC a fulfilled man, having done his best to bequeath lasting legacies.

He made this disclosure while addressing NYSC Inspectors at this year's Inspectors' Development Programme ( IDP) holding at the Public Service Institute of Nigeria, Abuja.

The Director General stressed the critical role of Inspectors as field officers who relate directly with Corps members and monitor their activities at the local government levels regularly.

While urging the Inspectors to reposition themselves for proper record keeping, General Ibrahim cautioned them against sharp practices which undermine the credible operations of the Scheme.

The DG acknowledged the support of Management and entire staff of the Scheme towards tackling contemporary challenges as they emerge.

He noted that since his assumption of office as DG, he has ensured effective implementation of the Scheme's policies with utmost despatch. He charged the workshop participants to take good care of their health.

In his remarks, the Director, Corps welfare and Health services Mr Ayodele Folorunsho Omotade said that the theme of the Inspectors Development programme "optimising the ideals of the Scheme through effective utilization of the NYSC Inspector" was chosen to acquaint Inspectors with the necessary guidelines and processes that would enhance their capacities to perform optimally.

While thanking the DG for his disposition towards staff and Corps members' welfare, he concluded that the Inspectors were set to move the Scheme to greater heights.

Source: NYSC Media
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3 weeks ago

Sad one tonight, just to say. Let us be careful

The attention of NYSC Management has been drawn to the pictures making the rounds in the social media of a missing Corps Member deployed to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The corpse was found wearing the NYSC kakhi trouser with the face defaced beyond recognition. On account of this, Management reported the discovery to relevant security agencies to help identify the body. It was later confirmed that the remains was that of a missing Corps Member, Stephanie Se-Ember Terungwa, with State Code Number FC/21B/5807.

Investigations are however, currently on-going to unravel the identity of the perpetrators of the dastardly act in order to bring them to justice.

May her soul rest in peace.

Eddy Megwa
Director, Press and Public Relations,

Source: NYSC Media
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How to penetrate your effort thought and moves in your community. First never do good without approval especially community visible wide good. It can turn out to be something else I. COMMUNITY ENTRY This is the identification and engagement of community…

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NYSC Holds National Environmental Sanitation Day in Each state How was your experience? Are you able to use some of the development your community to some a little extent. Do your because if we add all the little impact it will at a point be a huge deal.…

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Foundation you need to know succeed in CDS



1a. Group Community Development Service (Group CDS)
1b. CDS Groups, Purpose and Activities

  1. Personal/Individual Community Development Service

3a.Collaborative Community Development Service
3b.Types of Collaborative CDS












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My little advice to corpers who are just looking for PPA and those waiting for next batch(Prospect)New CorpersWe posted this recently here, but like to add to it

From my little experience with corps members, I noticed Corpers usually have little patience, they just want what they want to be done now and immediate. While on the other extreme some are lackadaisical they don't do what need to be done on time. While others even want to claim on right. It is true we are coming from home and Institutions with beautiful environment. But to be Frank some will still have to serve in those bushy area. All of us can't be in the city. I am not saying give up.

Note that u don't need to just settle for anything or any job that you don't like.
All u have to do is be patient and persistent. That is, know what u want no one will help someone who do not know what he/she want.

You DON'T NEED TO PAY ANYONE FOR PPA CHANGE with persistent request and patience they can change it for you at the LGI's office. Remember u don't need to pay anyone for PPA change little PERSISTENT and PATIENCE.
NYSC is a human scheme.

Prospective corp membersThis is a good time to get your Covid 19 vaccination done. NYSC already released that vaccination is a requirement to enter into the camp.

Meaning, either you are vaccinated before entering into camp or your vaccination certificate is requested. The later is more convenient, and my little advice is that you take time and take the multiple doses.

As generally for everyone you never know which opportunity might open up that you will need this certificate to access


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As camp is over and you need any information more than before,

Quick note; when going to secretariat dress in your NYSC uniform, to avoid undue embarrassment.

That said let move into it

How to Easily Assess information on NYSC using this ChannelThis one is not basically on NYSC but to clarify that the purpose of this channel is to help every Corp members get information easily. Therefore for important information on NYSC on almost any laid down concerns/topic

Let us endeavour to use the option on the right top of the Channel that look like three vertical dot to search for any well laid down concerns, or search using our hash-tags and if any further questions let us ask on the group @nyscgroup I know there are people to answer you.

Ignorance is NOT excuse before the law. Educate Yourself about the NYSC Bye-Laws, NYSC Decree, FAQ and many other nysc resources at ur palm here.

And finally if in the long queue always ask the other corpers before same organizer, look around if any paper is there and always ask question don't assume. Also note that photocopy around the secretariat is expensive but also inevitable sometime

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Top 7 Best CDS Groups To Join As New Corp Member

Note this are the opinions of the source, as circumstances change from places to place

NYSC is a phase every Nigerian graduate must undergo before proceeding to the Labour Market. Especially, graduates who are less than 30 years. As a matter of fact, participation in the National Youth Service Scheme is compulsory for any Nigerian graduate who wishes to work in Nigeria. However, this article will focus on the best CDS groups to join as a corp member.

The community development service (CDS) is one of the cardinal programmes of NYSC. The other three are; Orientation programme, Place of primary assignment and passing out parade.

Sometimes, the CDS you belong to during your service year can develop you professionally. This is why we have come up with this list of 7 best CDS group to join as a corp member.


NDLEA is one of the best CDS groups to join as a corp member. Outside of the fact that you will learn more from the group, you will definitely have the opportunity to sensitize people on the negative effect of hard drugs.

Members of this CDS always campaign against hard drugs. Sometimes, they go to school and other public places for the campaign against hard drugs and drugs abuse.

#2. EFCC

EFCC is also a top-notch CDS group to belong during your NYSC. Consider yourself very lucky if you are in this CDS. Corp members in this group always campaign against corruption.

Most times, they go to schools to sensitize them on the negative effect of corruption in the society. It is a very educative CDS that corp members will actually learn a lot from.

#3. Red Cross

This is also among the best CDS groups to join as a corp member. However, corp members with medical background are often posted to this group since it is health related.

They constantly engage in health outreach, administration of first aid and more importantly setting up clinics for the NYSC secretariat.

#4. Road Safety Group

Road safety group is another great CDS group to belong during NYSC. They help in traffic control, administer first aid to accident victims, create traffic awareness in schools and more importantly, establishing road safety clubs in schools.


HIV/AIDS is obviously one of the best CDS groups to join as a corp member. They constantly sensitize the general public on HIV and other STDs. Also, they establish Peer Education Trainers (PET) in schools.

#6. NEMA

NEMA is another amazing CDS group to join as a corp member. Members of this group aids in disaster management. The experience and knowledge you will get in this group will help you throughout your lifetime.

#7. Editorial Group

This is the media group of NYSC. The CDS group are called OBS in camp. They do the Radio, TV, and publications. Therefore, if you ever dream of becoming a presenter or writer, this is definitely a CDS group for you.

Members of this CDS group are the ones publishing corpers’ monthly magazine as well as the end of service yearbook.

Source: 24hoursreporter website
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Guerrilla Journalist, @Project_Veritas. On the Inside? Contact veritastips@protonmail.com or send us an encrypted Signal message at 914-653-3110

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